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IBPTS are the bus and coach industry “connoisseurs“ in providing “PCV Driver Excellence and Service Delivery Monitoring Assessments”, our “Monitoring Services” have extensively been used by operators to provide an independent analysis and guidance in service delivery, driving standards, route operation together with recommendations of setting standards and “Driver CPC” training. 
Operators choose
IBPTS above our competitors because all our monitoring services are tailored to their individual requirements. They provide network evaluation in producing real-time verification data to support the management of drivers, routes and depots, combined with our own secure internal “Databases” we provide operators with a superior “Monitoring Service”, which present our clients with the correct “Driver Risk” assessments and management tools 
IBPTS monitoring services are a 24-hour operation 7 days a week. 
IBPTS has a vast experience of working in all areas and aspects within the bus and coach industry which gives IBPTS the lead over our competitors in developing and innovating superior methods of evaluating service delivery and driver performance en-route, this enable our clients to set operational standards and provide a quality service to their customers. 
Service Delivery Compliance Assessments
By prioritising and focusing on the bus travellers basic and comfort needs our “Service DeliveryCompliance Assessments” accurately measures the standards of the current service delivery, timetable punctuality (In accordance with Traffic Commissionaires “Practice Direction” for local bus services), vehicle presentation, travelling environment, driver appearance, customer services skills and driving standards, by investigating and performing a deep analysis that commences with an evaluation of the waiting environment at the bus stop. 
We pride themselves in producing precise and concise data in all areas of operation, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, by identifying if more problems occur on one route or at an individual point on-route. 
Unlike our competitors we collates all the data from the assessments to produce quick reference easy to read reports to individual operator’s specification which enables them to set standards and prioritise on delivering a high quality service to their customers. 
Covert Driver Mentoring Assessments
By travelling as a customer, our “Driver Mentors” assesses the driver’s customer care and driving skills for the entire journey from terminus to terminus. On arrival at the terminus, the assessor introduces himself/herself to the driver, gives the driver a copy of the assessment to give an instant feedback and discuss strengths/weaknesses and advice on improving their driving skills or give commendation for a job well done. 
Route Utilisation Surveys
Operators’ benefit from our “Route Utilisation Surveys” as they accurately measure the current performance and passenger usage, also predict growth areas in passenger patronage, best solutions of operating to meet customer needs, frequency headways and significantly reduce operating costs but in doing still maintain a high standard of service delivery. 
Timetable Punctuality Compliance Assessments
We recognise that reliability and punctuality is the most important factor of operating a successful and profitable bus route but many operators are falling into the trap of the enforcement of high penalties of not operating services within the 6-minute margin. By us monitoring problem routes and travelling on particular journeys, we can identify areas of perceptive operation erosion, together with the solutions to resolve them. 
Covert and Uniform Bus Inspectors
Whether you are a small or large operator, we provide a dedicated team of Covert and Uniform Inspectors for the on the road supervision of drivers in monitoring revenue collection, timetable and route operation, customer service, driving standards route deviation and antisocial behaviour of unruly passengers. Our inspectors can either work independently or alongside the operators’ own inspector. With the benefit of using us, you can use ours as and when required either for specific projects for targeting areas and routes or if you do not have your own inspector we can be utilised at regular intervals to maintain a presence and assist in maximising revenue.

IBPTS Monitoring Services has proven to be an efficient and effective method of analysing all aspects of operations, driver supervision and driver fraud detection.